Sloth King

In a nutshell

"In the Kingdom of Chill you can be your true self"

The Sloth is a web space featuring Sloth King: The King of Chill. With stories, prints, and resources, this site is specifically targeting those souls that are struggling.

The stories include guided visualisations to help combat negative emotions, along with some slice of life snippets from the pages of Sloth King's journal.

The Sloth serves as a safe space for those who need a little help dealing, and will hopefully act as a safe sphere for people to find the assistance they need. Always remember: you are not alone.

Yes, Sloth King is a girl. Girls can be kings too. And boys can be princesses. In the Kingdom of Chill you can be your true self; whatever self that might be.

About Sloth King

It was a long journey to overcome the struggle. To wage war on woe. To conquer the challenges of crushing doubt and self-recrimination. But once the fog cleared and the day dawned anew, Sloth King stood reborn - crowned as the King of Chill.

The Sloth King is here today to impart the wisdom she has learned with you, O weary traveller.

Rest on yonder cloud bank a while and explore this space. Sloth King hopes that you will leave a little happier, with your own small slice of the Kingdom of Chill.


"Every piece of work - from art, to a building, to a life - is always a collaboration. You never do anything alone, and as such are never truly alone."

This site would not have seen the light of day without the help and support of friends and family. Anything and everything from moral support to practical guidance has helped get this off the ground, to see it through to the end (which is hopefully the start).

Thank you to Kim Anderson and Aisling O'Grady for reading through and providing feedback on my first story. To Jack Coventry and Ian Waton for answering my endless questions about web development.

To Shane, who believes in me even when I don't believe in myself.

To all those who have struggled, who still struggle, and who try to move forward in spite of that.